Estabrook Facts

Facts and source material related to the Estabrook Woods Controversy

Update 10/22/19: Town partially abandons lawsuit

Update 1/10/20: Town abandons more claims in lawsuit

Update 9/10/20: Harvard University re-enters lawsuit

Update 6/11/21: Trial portion of lawsuit concludes

Update 10/10/21: Final Written Arguments Submitted

Update 11/18/21: Final Oral Arguments Conclude

This site is devoted to providing source information related to Estabrook Woods. It provides information concerning the history, purpose, ownership of the woods- issues about which there has been significant confusion.

This site includes citations and links to source documents where appropriate. The referenced information was obtained through public records requests, public archives, and from various landowners. Additional sources will be provided as they become available.

This site is maintained by some of the owners of Estabrook Woods. Every effort has been made to include common questions and known facts about the Woods. Choose a category below.